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"And a Curse, and Love, and Betrayal" aka "I klątwa, i miłość, i zdrada", the biggest adventure for "The Witcher", featuring 10 thousand lines of text and 10 hours of gameplay, based on an idea by Marcin Kozak, written by Wojciech Łaba (main quest, side quests), Michał Zyśk (main quest), Tomasz Nowakowski, Marcin Kozak and Adam Dukszto (side quests), implemented by Adam Dukszto and Sebastian Buczek. The adventure was released in Polish on 25th January 2011 and it was released in English on 17th April 2011. The latest, improved version 1.2.1 appeared on 29th November 2015.

Adam Dukszto: Unlike with my previous mod "Entrapped", which was basically a solo project, this time I worked with a team of talented people as the project co-lead. I was responsible for scripts, English translation, the implementation of the main quest, most of the cutscenes, additional dialogues, some loading screens and models and I wrote and implemented three side quests.

The co-authors: Sebastian Buczek (implementation of some side quests, decorations, cutscenes), Adam Wiśniowski (cutscenes), Krzysztof Wiśniowski (testing, maps), Marqson (3D graphics, retextures), Grensir (music), Stanisław Sosna (music), Adam Beczyński (3D graphics, retextures, testing), Cory Lea Kerens (text editing for English version), Mateusz Piskorski (2D graphics). Special thanks to SC Team for a few loading screens and for giving us the possibility to use a few of their models from their unfinished project for "The Witcher 1".

The opening cutscene
Author: Adam Wiśniowski, music: Grensir, video and sound editing and in-game implementation: Adam Dukszto.

The kikimore cutscene
Author: Adam Wiśniowski, music: Grensir, video and sound editing: Krzysztof Wiśniowski, implementation Adam Dukszto.

A cutscene from The Dealer's Dad side quest
Author: Adam Wiśniowski, music: Grensir, video and sound editing and implementation: Adam Dukszto.

The plot: after a couple of phases the main storyline splits into two separate paths – Ida's path and Barega's path, depending on your decision. That's why you can add an extra few hours of gameplay if you decide to replay the game to see the other path. The adventure culminates in three different endings. And by endings we don't mean some short cutscenes, but almost one-hour-long gameplay endings.

The cutscene comes from the final part of Ida's path,
it contains spoilers, though it is not one of the three endings.
Author: Adam Wiśniowski, video and sound editing and implementation: Adam Dukszto, music from "The Witcher".

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